Web Bios / “About” Pages – I originally created SpanText for my own website as a composer, pianist and conductor. Working in a range of genres and settings, I had to create different versions of my bio for almost every new affiliation, concert program, job application, website feature, program or playbill, and so on. With some humor and irony to offset it, the problem turned into an entertaining feature of my own website. This example also shows how multiple sliders can interact both with each other and a single text, including transformations on both the left and right side of the sliders. Visit www.natebeversluis.com to see how the results can be styled and incorporated into a full website.

Translations / Texts with Many Versions or a Timeline of Revisions. Documents with multiple translations, versions, drafts, or revisions over time, such as the Bible or the U.S. Constitution, could be viewed along a timeline using a single slider, as shown here.

Product Descriptions – such as the one for SpanText itself. Anything technical that needs to reach a lay audience can have gradations in both length and use of technical language.

Have you found a new use? Let me hear from you.

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